Phi Mu Alpha has always been a singing fraternity.  We of the Alpha Iota Chapter are no different.  The quality of our singing is one of the great sources of pride in our group.  We perform in weekly hall-sings, as well as large scale performances.  The following audio clips are excerpts from one of our annual President's Recitals. One cannot explain how a group sings, so we hope these excerpts show exactly what we are about.

Sing of Sinfonia 1
Sing of Sinfonia 2
Lo, How a Rose 1
Sinfonia Hymn 1
Sinfonia Hymn 2
Sinfonian Prayer 1
Sinfonian Prayer 2
Sinfonian Prayer 3

**NOTE:  These clips are in RealAudio format and require the RealAudio plug-in for your internet browser.  If you are in a college computer lab, chances are your systems are equipped with this plug-in.  However, if this is not the case, you must download RealPlayer to listen to these clips.


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