National Office of Phi Mu Alpha
"Home of Sinfonia"
10600 Old State Road
Evansville, Indiana 47711-1399

    The center of Sinfonia's national operations is a gracious fourteen room home on the northern outskirts of Evansville, Indiana.  More than five acres of wooded land and a small lake form a picturesque setting for the base of operations of American's largest fraternal organization in music.  The property is named LYRECREST and was officially dedicated to the fraternity in September 1970.

    Lyrecrest employs eight staff members, including three Sinfonia directors.  The headquarters staff maintains all membership and alumni records, processes all initiations and inter-chapter transfers, and serves as an information center for the countless organizations and individuals who deal with Sinfonia on a wide range of subjects.  The staff also works closely with the attorneys, accountants and other professionals whose services are necessary to the operation of a national organization.

    In addition, Lyrecrest is truly a home for all Sinfonians.  It annually receives visits from dozens of collegiate and alumni Sinfonians who just want to experience the austerity held by the building itself, full of fraternity tradition decorated with Phi Mu Alpha memorabilia and housing the national archives.  Large living areas provide plenty of room for meetings, conferences and retreats as well as fraternal socializing.  Sinfonia certainly becomes vitally alive at Lyrecrest.


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