The brothers listed below have distinguished themselves as musicians, educators, and/or supporters of music.  Each one has pledged himself to upholding the highest standards of creativity, performance, education and research in music in America.  They have touched countless lives in their efforts to instill in all people an awareness of music's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.  They are true Sinfonians.

Adderly, Julian "Cannonball" Jazz Saxophonist and Band Leader
Adler, Samuel Composer and Conductor
Amato, Pasquale Baritone
Anderson, Leroy Composer
Andre, Maurice Trumpet
Barber, Samuel Composer
Basie, William (Count) Jazz Pianist and Band Leader
Bauer, Harold E. Pianist
Bennett, Robert Russell Composer
Biggs, E. Power Organist
Bispham, David Bass-Baritone
Brown, Les Band Leader
Cadman, Charles Wakefield Composer
Cage, John Composer
Campanini, Cleofonte Conductor
Carnegie, Andrew Philanthropist
Carpenter, John Alden Industrialist and Composer
Caruso, Enrico Tenor
Conley, Eugene Tenor
Converse, Fredrick S. Composer
Cortelyou, George B. Politician
Crooks, Richard Tenor
Crumb, George Composer
Damrosch, Walter J. Conductor
Dann, Hollis Ellsworth Music Educator
Dawes, George Gates Politician and Composer
Davis, Hal G. Publisher
DeKoven, Reginald Composer
Dello Joio, Norman Composer
Dewey, Thomas E. Baritone and Politician
Dorati, Antal Conductor
Downes, Olin Musicologist
Dvorak, Raymond Francis Composer and Band Director
Dykema, Peter Music Educator
Earhart, Will Music Educator
Eastman, George Inventor and Philanthropist
Eddy, Nelson Baritone and Actor
Ellington, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Jazz Pianist and Band Leader
Faith, Percy Band Leader
Falcone, Leonard Conductor
Feist, Leonard Publisher
Fennell, Fredrick Conductor
Ferguson, Maynard Jazz Trumpeter and Band Leader
Fiedler, Arthur Conductor
Floyd, Carlisle Composer
Foote, Arthur Composer
Foss, Lukas Composer
Fox, Virgil Organist
Frackenpohl, Arthur R. Composer
Giddings, Thaddeus P. Music Educator
Godowsky, Leopold Conductor
Goldman, Richard Franko Band Director and Composer
Goosens, Sir Eugene Conductor
Gould, Morton Pianist
Griffith, Andy Actor and Entertainer
Grofe, Ferde Composer
Grusin, Dave Composer and Producer
Harris, Roy Composer
Heifetz, Jascha Violinist
Henderson, Skitch Band Leader
Herbert, Victor Composer
Hines, Jerome Bass
House, Robert Music Educator
Hovhaness, Alan Composer
Hume, Paul Musicologist and Critic
Husa, Karel Composer
Ives, Burl Actor and Folk Singer
Jagel, Frederick W. Tenor
James, Will Music Educator
Johnson, Edward Tenor
Kahn, Otto Industrialist and Philanthropist
Kay, Ulysses Composer
Kenton, Stan Jazz Pianist and Band Leader
Krehbiel, Henry E. Industrialist and Philanthropist
Kubelik, Jan Violinist
Kubik, Gail Composer
Laguardia, Fiorella H. Politician
Leonhard, Charles Music Educator
Luboff, Norman Conductor
Luening, Otto Composer
Mailman, Martin Composer
Mangione, Chuck Jazz Flugel Horn and Band Leader
Marsalis, Branford Saxophonist and Jazz Educator
Marsalis, Ellis L. Jazz Artist and Music Educator
Merrill, Robert Baritone
Miller, Mitch Conductor
Mitropoulos, Dimitri Conductor
Montoya, Carlos Flamenco Guitarist
Murray, Michael Orange-haired Freak
Nelhybehl, Vaclav Composer
Nero, Peter Band Leader
Nixon, Roger A. Composer
Noble, Weston H. Conductor
Pavarotti, Luciano Tenor
Penderecki, Kryzstof Composer
Persichetti, Vincent Composer
Pinkham, Daniel Composer
Presser, Theodore Publisher
Previn, Andre Pianist and Conductor
Pryor, Arthur Composer and Band Director
Reed, Alfred Composer and Publisher
Revelli, William Band Director
Riddle, Nelson Band Leader
Rogers, Fred Actor and Entertainer
Rose, David Band Leader
Rose, Leonard Band Leader
Rudolf, Max Conductor
Ruffo, Tito Baritone
Sacco, P. Peter Composer
Schafer, R. Murray Composer and Music Educator
Schaughnessy, Ed Percussionist
Schickele, Peter Composer and Entertainer
Schoenberg, Arnold Composer
Schuman, William Composer
Scotti, Antonio Baritone
Severinson, Carl "Doc" Jazz Trumpeter and Band Leader
Shaw, Robert Conductor
Shirley, George Tenor
Slatkin, Leonard Conductor
Smith, Gregg Conductor
Sousa, John Philip Composer and Band Director
Sowerby, Leo Composer
Spalding, Albert Violinist
Steinberg, William Conductor
Steinway, Henry E. Philanthropist
Stevens, Halsey Composer
Stock, Frederick Composer
Stokowski, Leopold Conductor
Thompson, Randall Composer
Thomas, Michael Tilson Conductor
Urlus, Jacques Baritone
Van Dohanyi, Ernst Conductor
Wagner, Roger Conductor
Waring, Fred Conductor
Washburn, Robert Composer
Webb, Jim Composer
Wilhousky, Peter Conductor and Arranger
Williams, J. Clifton Composer
Witherspoon, Herbert Bass-Baritone
Ysaye, Eugen Violinist
Zimbalist, Efrem Violinist



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